113-8431-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 1-3
03-3813-3111(large representative)

If you come by public transport

JR line Get off at "Ochanomizu" station (Ochanomizubashi exit) About 5 minutes on foot
subway Get off at Ochanomizu Station on the Marunouchi Line About 5 minutes on foot
Get off at Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the Chiyoda Line About 7 minutes on foot
bus System name: East 43 (in front of Arakawa Bank Switchyard - Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit) Either way, get off at the bus stop "Juntendo Byoin-mae"
System name: Cha 51 (Komagome Station South Exit - Akihabara Station)

If you come by car

Juntendo Hospital parking information

Parking place Building No. 1 parking lot and Building B parking lot
work time 7:00 to 20:00 (on medical days and non-medical days) However, this does not apply in the event of an emergency.
Parking Fee 20 minutes 200 yen
Discount system 1. Half price discount for those who have a physical disability certificate, love certificate (rehabilitation certificate), or mental disability certificate
2. If you use the mechanical parking lot, there is a 20 minute discount
For those who use the parking lot
*Since the number of parking spaces in our clinic is limited, you may have to wait for a long time.From the perspective of global environmental conservation, please use public transportation when visiting the hospital.
*Even if the vehicle is within the storable vehicle specification table and the dimensional error of the vehicle, we may refuse to use the mechanical parking lot depending on the model and shape of the vehicle.Please follow the instructions of the parking attendant.
Currently, we are partially restricting the use of this service. *For details, please refer to here.

About opening and closing hours

From Monday, April 1, 2020, the opening and closing hours of the front entrance of Building No. 4 will be changed as follows for the time being.


storage capacity

Parking Lot Number of parking spaces Storable vehicle limit specification table
total length Maximum overall width Maximum overall height Maximum vehicle weight Maximum A dimension Maximum B dimension Minimum ground clearance
Building No. 1 Flat type 96 stand - - 2,300 mm - - - -
Mechanical 78 stand 5,300 mm 2,050 mm 1,550 mm 2,300kg - - 110 mm
Building B Mechanical 110 stand 5,600 mm 1,950 mm 2,050 mm 2,300kg 1,280 mm 4,480mm 90 mm
Note: The numbers are maximum values ​​and areAbout automobile dimensional error”, so please use it only when it is possible to use it safely.
*The flat parking lot in the B building parking lot is for business vehicles and cannot be used by general vehicles.General cars can only use the mechanical parking lot.

For those coming by car01

Dimensional errors of automobiles

Under the Road Transport Vehicle Act (Article 75, Paragraph 1), the following tolerances are allowed for the dimensions listed on the vehicle inspection certificate in accordance with the "Guidelines for Vehicle Type Designation".
Therefore, it may not be possible to accommodate a car that is close to the specification limit dimensions of the storage limit due to tolerances (difference between the dimensions described in the vehicle inspection certificate and the actual vehicle).
Vehicle type Length Width Height Vehicle weight
Passenger car Standard-sized car ± 30mm ± 20mm ± 40mm ±60kg
Light car ± 30mm ± 20mm ± 30mm ±40kg

[Juntendo Hospital Building 1] Entrance route to the parking lot from the surrounding road

Turn left at the Hongo 17-chome intersection on Route (Hongo-dori), turn left at the parking lot entrance sign from the leftmost lane, and enter.

Building No. 1 parking lot

For those coming by car02

[Juntendo Hospital Building 1] Parking lot/vehicle entrance/exit, rotary guide map

Building No. 1 mechanical parking lot

Parking is easy as you enter the equipment along the grooves on the floor, but please be careful when getting on and off.
Building No. 1 mechanical parking lot

For those coming by car05

[Juntendo Hospital Building B] Parking lot/vehicle entrance/exit guide map

Building B mechanical parking lot (barrier-free system)

The floor is flat and it is easy to get on and off, but please be aware that parking is difficult if the size of your car is close to the specification value.
Building B mechanical parking lot (barrier-free system)
Building B parking lot entrance
Building B parking lot entrance
For those coming by car07