At our hospital, we have established QI (Quality Indicator) as an indicator of the quality of medical care.
QI is an objective numerical value that uses various indicators to express the "quality" of a hospital's functions, medical treatment, and services.The aim is to improve the quality of medical care by analyzing indicators and encouraging each department to make improvements, as well as to provide medical information that is easy to understand for patients.
Our hospital's QI includes a QI based on treatment results established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and a QI based on JCI (*1) standards. QI in accordance with JCI standards is divided into two types: QI for safety priority items that are addressed throughout the hospital, and QI for each department/department.Our hospital reviews its operations based on this objective data and systematically and continuously implements improvement activities using a method called the PDCA cycle (*2).
*1 JCI...International medical function evaluation.Regarding our hospital's JCI certification,please use this form..
*2 PDCA cycle...A method of business improvement widely used in general companies that involves repeating Plan → Do → Check → Action (improvement).