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Juntendo Hospital Philosophy

Juntendo's spirit of ``following the path of heaven and following the providence of nature'' respects people's lives and protects their dignity and rights as human beings.Furthermore, with the spirit of "continuous progress," we aim to advance creative reforms, develop medical professionals, and provide the best medical care.
(Source: I Ching)

Basic Policy

  1. Provide safe, evidence-based, high-quality, and advanced medical care to each patient.
  2. Provide services that satisfy patients and their families.
  3. We provide an environment where patients can enjoy a safe and comfortable treatment life.
  4. As a specialized hospital, we will develop and introduce advanced medical care and provide excellent medical technology.
  5. Responsible for emergency medical activities and home medical care.Furthermore, it will contribute to local medical care as a base hospital during disasters.
  6. Promote energy conservation and ecology, and strive for environmental conservation activities.

All healthcare professionals shall work towards this realization.

Juntendo Hospital Professional Ethics

``There are people and I am, and a heart that is considerate and compassionate towards others'', or ``jin''.In the spirit of the school's motto of ``Jin'', we value medical care that focuses on the sick.

  1. Be aware of the dignity and responsibility of the profession, strive to acquire medical knowledge and skills, and dedicate yourself to its progress and development.
  2. As members of Juntendo, all of our staff strive to do their best to provide the latest and best medical care to all those receiving medical care, placing the utmost importance on medical safety and compassionate service.
  3. Respect privacy and comply with confidentiality obligations.
  4. We strive to practice team medicine based on mutual respect and good cooperation.

Ethical guidelines for clinical practice at Juntendo Hospital

These staff members will provide high-quality medical care in accordance with these guidelines, paying due consideration to the human rights of those receiving medical care.

  1. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff demonstrate their respective expertise while fully sharing information to provide the best medical care.
  2. We provide sufficient explanations and decide on a treatment plan while respecting each patient's wishes.
  3. We will comply with relevant laws and guidelines when providing treatment.
    (1) We will comply with laws and regulations regarding maternal protection.
    (2) We will comply with laws and regulations regarding organ transplants.
    (3) We will comply with guidelines regarding fetal diagnosis and assisted reproductive technology.
    (4) We will comply with guidelines related to the medical decision-making process at the final stage of life.
    (5) We will comply with ministerial ordinances regarding implementation standards for pharmaceutical clinical trials.
    (6) We will comply with laws and regulations related to clinical research and ethical guidelines regarding life science and medical research involving human subjects.
    (7) We will comply with the Helsinki Declaration, Lisbon Declaration, etc.
  4. Regarding medical care that concerns the rights and dignity of people receiving medical care, and medical practices that are considered to require responses to ethical issues, regular review meetings of the Clinical Ethics Consulting Team regarding the ethics of medical practices at Juntendo University School of Medicine Juntendo Hospital are held. After deliberating, we will decide on a treatment policy.
    (1) Items related to the dignity of life, such as euthanasia, death with dignity, and life-sustaining treatment.
    (2) Items related to the beliefs and beliefs of people receiving medical care, etc.
  5. We actively conduct clinical research for the advancement of medical care, and its implementation is subject to review by the Juntendo University Clinical Research Review Committee, Medical Research Ethics Committee, Institutional Review Board, etc.
    When conducting research, we will thoroughly protect the human rights of participating patients.


Medical safety management guidelines at Juntendo Hospital

Medical care should be performed based on a trusting relationship between patients and medical professionals and trust in medical care, with the highest priority being on saving patients and restoring their health, and providing safe, high-quality patient-centered medical care. There must be.In order to implement this, all medical personnel shall strive for medical safety.For this reason, the purpose of these guidelines is to establish the basic policy regarding medical safety management at Juntendo Hospital, Juntendo University School of Medicine, to clarify the responsibility system within the hospital, and to stipulate specific measures to promote medical safety management.

Juntendo Hospital Medical Safety Management Guidelines

Public relations guidelines at Juntendo Hospital

At Juntendo Hospital, we place the utmost importance on medical safety and compassionate care for our patients, and in order to provide the latest and best medical care, all staff work hard every day with a spirit of constant progress. .In addition, as the Juntendo University Hospital, we strive to contribute to society and develop human resources on an international level through medical treatment, education, and research, and we strive to widely disseminate our activities and efforts to society and give back. is required.Therefore, we have established the following basic policy regarding public relations for our hospital, and will actively conduct public relations activities.

  • Providing information that is quick, accurate, and easy to understand for everyone
    ・Dissemination of high-quality information using various public relations media
    ・Handle and disseminate information in compliance with laws and other rules
    ・Regular updates of public information
  • Practicing public relations activities that emphasize two-way communication with society
  • Promotion of global public relations activities
  • Prompt, appropriate, and honest public relations response in the event of a serious accident or emergency situation