This site is an initiative of the Medical Metaverse Collaborative Research Course at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.We are recreating Juntendo Hospital as a virtual hospital so that you can experience various things such as seeing what the hospital is like and receiving treatment before you go to the hospital.It is still under development and more services will be added in the future.

Recommended environment

Works only on web browsers on PCs. (Currently not compatible with iPads, smartphones and tablets) Windows 10 / 11

Windows 10 / 11

CPU Intel i3 3.1 GHz equivalent or higher
memory 8GB or more
Graphics GeForce GTX 690 equivalent or higher
HDD free space 4GB or more
voice DirectX compatible
DirectX version 9.0

macOS 11 and above

CPU Intel Core i5 1.8GHz or higher
memory 8GB or more
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 2024MB or higher
HDD free space 4GB or more

Common Items

Supported browser Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
Internet environment 20Mbps or more

Method of operation

Juntendo Virtual Hospital


The connection will drop immediately.
Please close any applications other than Virtual Hospital on your PC and try again.
I can't connect with my smartphone or tablet.
Virtual Hospital can only be used from a PC.See Recommended environment for details.
There is no sound from the microphone.
Virtual Hospital Make sure the microphone icon is enabled within the Virtual Visiting Center.
Also make sure that the microphone you are trying to use is allowed in your browser or is the default in your OS system settings.
I can't hear the audio in the virtual meeting room.
Virtual Hospital Make sure the speaker icon is enabled within the Virtual Visiting Center.
Also, make sure the volume in the volume settings is loud enough.
If you still can't hear it, please unmute your PC and make sure the volume is loud enough.
The real room and virtual hospital room are not the same.
Currently, the interior decoration of each room is common to several rooms.
What is available at the actual Juntendo Hospital is not available at the virtual hospital.Or there are things that aren't there.The arrangement of things is different.
The arrangement of things inside Juntendo Hospital changes daily.Please note that the layout may differ from the current layout.In addition, some parts may differ significantly from the actual situation.
I want to change my avatar to another one.
Currently, you can choose from a total of 2 types of avatars, 4 colors each for men and women.
*We plan to add more in the future.
Slow loading.
Virtual Hospital communicates with the server while in use.Please use it in a high-speed and stable network environment as much as possible. If you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, try connecting with a wired LAN.
There are rooms you can't enter and floors you can't go to.
Currently, the rooms and floors that can be entered are limited to the locations displayed at each movement point.
It interfered with objects or other users and became unable to move.
Please press "Return to the start of this area" at the bottom right of the screen.Or press the refresh button on your browser to enter the virtual hospital again.

Contact Us

Points to note when making inquiries

  • Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries other than Juntendo Virtual Hospital.
  • Matters related to medical consultation, treatment details, and costs
  • Inquiries regarding personal information (patient privacy, individual staff, etc.)
  • Regarding new reservations and reservation changes
  • Matters related to medical examinations, equipment, etc.
  • Please refrain from inquiries for sales purposes.