Metaverse meeting app Medical Meetup

This site is an initiative of the Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine Medical Metaverse Joint Research Course.
"Medical Meetup" is a metaverse meeting app that allows patients and people outside the hospital to overcome various restrictions and restrictions and realize a "warm meeting" without actually meeting face-to-face.
In this visitation app, the patient and the visitor's avatar can talk in an extraordinary space such as a resort facility, go out, move in a vehicle, and simulate contact with high touch, etc. Experiences that go beyond the normal visitation can enjoy
In the future, we aim to expand this visitation app to various medical institutions, improve the visitation experience of patients in Japan and overseas, and make it a foundation to support the ability to fight against illness.Also, in order to provide various medical services such as medical lectures, telemedicine, domestic and international community plazas, etc., in addition to meeting with familiar people, we will use it not only for communication between patients' families but also for medical professionals. We will consider expanding the scene.
The Visitation App is intended to provide an environment for supporting communication between multiple users, and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc.

Supported OS/devices

OS iOS, iPad OS (11.0 or later)
device Compatible with iPhone 8 and later, iPad 7th generation and later


You can download the app from below.

App features

A Metaverse app that supports patient visits supervised by medical institutions

Considering the ease of use for patients and medical professionals, such as the ability to customize the position of the controller that operates the avatar for patients who have limited arm movement due to intravenous drip etc. We designTherefore, it can be used immediately by patients and is easy to introduce at any facility.

It is possible to meet and go out in an extraordinary space

Rather than meeting in a regular hospital, it is possible to have a more relaxed meeting in an extraordinary space such as a resort facility.In addition, you can have a meeting experience like going out together, such as riding in a hot air balloon or interacting with animals on the beach.

Realization of warm communication through avatars

In addition to voice conversations, virtual touches such as high touches enable warmer communication even remotely.In addition, we have made it possible for you to express yourself and have conversations more easily and freely through avatars whose faces cannot be seen.